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Looking for a design to set you apart…that won’t make your band fall apart?

By using Lean Forward for your drill design, you are getting a product that will help make your band successful, while also getting great value for our investment. The goal of our visual design is two-fold: to create engaging and effective drill that generates optimum listening environments–and to write drill that is cleanable!

We believe it is possible to create box 5 drill without the staff spending all season trying to figure out how to clean a 2.65 step interval, or where exactly the pulse is on the field.

Lean Forward drill design is contemporary, accessible, and fun. Whether 10 sets or 100, you can expect the same quality no matter your needs.

Lean Forward // Visual Design Includes:


  • Optimal staging that maximizes musical performance and minimizes phasing issues. 

  • Integrated guard and percussion staging

  • Lean Forward Moments (LFMs) fully developed and realized

  • Drill that is engaging for both the performer and audience member

  • Difficulty level matched to your band’s strengths and abilities

  • Drill design using Pyware 3D Version 8

  • Full iOS support for Pyware drill app and Drillbook app, allowing you to teach the show from your iPad.

  • Prompt and professional service, 24/7 phone email support

  • One edit after delivery

  • “Enrollment rewrites” at $10.00 per set.


Optional Services Include:

  • Complete Design Coordination (Turn-key show design)

  • Show consultation and development using the 2016 Design Workbook

  • Body work and visuals choreographed for show.

  • Season-long video analysis, critique and rehearsal plan/punch list creation

You also receive:

  • Professional quality charts and coordinate sheets with performers clearly, legibly labeled and detailed instructions for each transition.

  • HD animated video synced with musical scores (available in multiple formats

  • Delivery of product via Dropbox or hard copy via US Mail (extra)

It's all in the details...

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