Sound // Design

Marching arts were once restricted to the sounds of only traditional instruments but now, there are endless possibilities of instrument sounds and characteristics. Sound design and live electronics are now a staple in the marching arts. Synthesizers can add huge bottom end to the sound of your ensemble that would otherwise be unachievable. Soaring pads and choirs can magically hover over your ensemble. Harp glissandos and pizzicato string can set the perfect mood while movie score-esque boom and swell sound effects can propel your battery feature to the next level. Sound Design simply makes your instrumentation limitless. 


Seem a bit overwhelming?

Have no fear... Lean Forward Marching Design is here to help you.

Our Sound Design Services:

  • Custom Electronic Show Design (written with/without Percussion Arrangement)

  • Individual Soundscapes/Voiceover Editing 

  • Pre-Show Tracks

  • Winterguard Soundtrack Editing

  • Live Sound Consultation/Maintenance

About our Sound Designer

Scott's production skills and proficiencies consist of: Large and small format recording/mixing consoles; Industry standard recording, MIDI, and editing software; Industry standard equipment and plug-in software; Reading and Understanding technical blueprints and Building Schematics; Microphone technique; Live Audio; Sound Design/Recording.
Other proficiencies include: Various Synthesizers/Samplers; Beat production devices; Audio Effect processors; Guitar/Bass amplification.
Scott is also an expert at troubleshooting live sound problems.