Guard // Design


No matter the size or skill level of your guard, Lean Forward Design will choreograph a show to meet your specific goals and skill requirements. We believe that learning should not only be challenging, but fun and educational as well.


The color guard activity is progressively asking more and more from its performers, which is why we believe in developing programs that not only hold equipment responsibility but movement responsibility as well. We will help you create a holistic visual concept through uniforms, hair and make-up design, flag design, prop design, and floor design.


Let us create body, equipment and stretch warms-ups to suit your performers’ needs and skill levels, while also consistency driving them to their fullest potential. Having a solid understanding of the fundamentals and methods in which these skills are achieved is something that Lean Forward Design whole heartedly believes in. If students have a solid understanding of the “why” and the “how” behind the “what” they are being asked to do, a deeper connection is made that will support your program for not only the season, but for the year and future years to come. 

We set up methods for teaching and provide guidance when needed throughout the season through one-on-one development, online references, and helpful videos.


 Lean on us for your guard design in 2016!

Colorguard Services Included:


  • Choreography Consultation throughout season

  • Teaching Videos of choreography

  • Show Map with Drill Aligned Counts

  • One-time choreography adjustment (mid-season)

Other Services Include:


  • Colorguard Instruction/Clinics

  • Customized Stretch/Warm-up/Across-the-floor Routines

  • Uniform and Flag Design (including the communication with uniform and flag companies)

  • Consultation

  • Instructor Training