Conceptual // Design

Conceptual design is the heart of any successful marching band product.  The Lean Forward philosophy of design centers around creating “Lean Forward” moments constantly and consistently throughout a 7 or 8 minute show.  Our goal is to engineer a variety of clear effects that appeal to both the audience and the judges–at a pace that will keep the audience engaged and “leaning forward” throughout the performance.

It is our belief that marching bands can be successful on both Saturday and Friday! Designing shows that are fun and appeal to all is of the utmost importance to the design team.  While we strive to create innovative designs for your group, we also believe in a design that doesn’t require an accompanying libretto!  At Lean Forward, we create shows that everyone can GET. 

Contemporary Accessibility

What is this? Why does it matter?

Contemporary Accessibility is the concept of designing shows that appeal on multiple levels to multiple audiences. Contemporary is making the show, effects, scoring, staging—the entire package—appeal to today’s adjudicators. Contemporary is being Box 5 is all your areas of design. Our goal to give you a winning product from the beginning so all you have to worry about is the achievement side of the box... Read More

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